Celebrating Mentoring Days

Mentoring Across Differences Panel

Angela Clear has worked in Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Office of Research Development (ORD) for the past four years and in FAU’s Division of Research (DoR) for fifteen years. She focuses on writing/editing, programming for junior faculty, and strategic funding initiatives, including several projects focused on faculty and student diversity. She has a Master’s in Health Policy from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and is a self-professed “Semi-Rattler” (Seminole/Rattler) with a Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing) from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management from Florida A&M University.  She has a background in medical/science writing, research integrity, clinical research operations, and health policy.  She began her career at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and has also worked as a freelance science writer/editor. She will be joining a new university next fall and is excited to help grow their grant portfolio.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, her Jack Russell Kali, and “trying” to grow an herb garden.
Dr. A.L. Carter is an ecologist and Research Proposal Development Officer in the School of Science & Engineering at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA with a particular interest in the role of data visualization and graphic design in RD. They’re also passionate about social justice in science and academia, especially LGBTQ+ and gender inclusivity.
Following doctoral research on the impacts of Canadian federal grant funding on the development of Haitian-Canadian music festivals, Dr. Sarah Messbauer pursued a career in Research Development with the University of California, Davis's centralized Interdisciplinary Research Support (IRS) team. As part of this team, she leads the Grantsmanship Development Program, a faculty learning and development program that hosts more than 50 workshops and seminars each year. She also supervises the review of small- and medium-sized proposals submitted to IRS through the team's Proposal Development Program and facilitates campus community actions to advance DEI in RD. Within NORDP, Sarah just completed a term as co-chair of Member Services and looks forward to growing support and services for disabled RD professionals and their clients.