Enhancing Research Collaboration

The goal of the Enhancing Research Collaboration Committee is to build resources and share effective practices that foster and enhance intra- and inter-institutional research collaboration.

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee (MSC) focuses on managing membership criteria and benefits, as well as developing and recommending programs for the recruitment and retention of members. In support of these activities, the MSC coordinates appointment of and outreach activities of MSC Regional Representatives. The MSC serves as a main point of contact for regional groups, as they develop, and assists in their coordination with the NORDP Board. The MSC is also responsible for developing and implementing such membership survey data instruments as is necessary to ensure that statistical data and information on the membership are maintained and that NORDP has a pulse on what types of resources and opportunities are needed to effectively support the membership at large. The MSC works collaboratively with the other NORDP committees to ensure appropriate communication and that valuable information and resources are effectively delivered to all NORDP members.

Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee oversees the NORDP Mentoring Program, which enables NORDP members to network in pairs and small groups with fellow members who share their set of professional interests and concerns and can offer mutual guidance and support.

Professional Development Committee

The goals of the Professional Development Committee are to help provide opportunities for Research Development Professionals to build their skills and knowledge and to share information about research development practices and activities that have been used successfully in various settings.

Revenue & Finance Committee

The purpose of the Revenue & Finance Committee is to assist the BOD in overseeing and guiding the financial health of NORDP. The Treasurer is the designated chair and convenes meetings as needed. Other designated members are the immediate past president, the lead for sponsorship of the Annual Conference committee, & a representative of Members Services committee. This committee currently functions as two separate working groups and is open to other members’ participation. The number of members varies depending upon planned activity for the fiscal year. The revenue group is focused on increasing revenues from current sources and generating new sources. The finance working group will be conducting a service, functionality and cost benefit analysis of the current infrastructure. Reports are posted on the NORDP’s members only website after they are presented to the BOD. Interested in learning more or like to get involved? Contact

Strategic Alliances

The Strategic Alliances Committee focuses on the interactions between NORDP and all external entities, including research funding, government and private agencies, and other professional organizations. Our goal is to become recognized as the "go-to" organization regarding interactions between funding agencies and research performing institutions, and to facilitate communication and collaborations between research institutions themselves.