Officers & Board of Directors

NORDP Officers

Gretchen Kiser, Ph.D., President Director, Research Development Office University of California, San Francisco 2014-18, 1st term
Michael Spires, M.A., M.S., C.R.A., Vice President/President-Elect Principal Proposal Analyst University of Colorado, Boulder 2014-18, 1st term
Jeff Agnoli, M.A., Treasurer Education, Funding, and Research Development Ohio State University 2015-19, 1st term
Ioannis Konstantinidis, Ph.D., Secretary Executive Director, Center for Borders, Trade, and Immigration Research A DHS Center of Excellence led by the University of Houston 2015-18, 1st term
Rachel Dresbeck, Ph.D., Immediate Past President Director, Research Development & Communication Oregon Health & Science University 2013-17, 1st term
Keith Osterhage, M.A., M.A., C.R.A., Executive Director      

NORDP Board of Directors

Kathryn Cataneo, M.B.A. Director of Research Development University of New Hampshire 2016-20, 1st term
Karen Eck, Ph.D. Assistant Vice President for Research Old Dominion University 2015-19, 1st term
Karen Fletcher, M.B.A. Director of Grants Resources & Services Appalachian State University 2016-20, 1st term
Alicia J. Knoedler, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Research
Director, Center for Research Program Development & Enrichment
University of Oklahoma 2013-17, 2nd term
Jacob E. Levin, Ph.D. Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Development University of California, Irvine 2013-17, 2nd term
Terri Soelberg, M.Ed. Director, College of Health Sciences Office of Research Boise State University 2015-19, 1st term
David A. Stone, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Strategic Innovation and Planning Northern Illinois University 2016-20, 2nd term
Kari Whittenberger-Keith, Ph.D. Senior Proposal Development Manager University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Office of Research 2016-20, 1st term

Former Board of Directors

Jeffrey M. Anderson, Ph.D. Vice President Hesperos, LLC 2012-14
John M. Carfora, Ed.D., CCEP Associate Provost for Research Advancement and Compliance Loyola Marymount University 2011-14
Susan Carter, J.D. Director, Research Development Services, Office of Research University of California, Merced 2010-13
Matthew Christian, M.B.A. Associate Dean, Division of Social Sciences University of Chicago 2011-14
Jennifer Eardley, Ph.D. Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Associate Director, Division of Biomedical Sciences University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2010-11
Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Ph.D. Vice President, Global Academic & Research Relations Elsevier 2010-13
Anne Geronimo, M.S. Director, Research Development University of Maryland, College Park 2010-11
Ann McGuigan, Ph.D. Director of Research Development University of Arizona 2010-15
Marjorie Piechowski, Ph.D. Director Emerita of Research Support University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2013-16
Jaine Place, B.S. Director of Research Proposal Development North Carolina State University 2011-14
Jacki Resnick, B.S.B.A. Director, Office of Research Development University of North Carolina 2010-13
Charlie Senn, M.S. Director, Research Development Team University of Tennessee, Knoxville 2014
Sarah Starr, B.S.   RefWorks/COS      2010
Peggy Sundermeyer, Ed.D. Director, Sponsored Research Trinity University 2010-16
Barbara L. E. Walker, Ph.D Director, Research Development for the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts University of California, Santa Barbara 2010-13
Anne Windham, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the Faculty Brown University 2012-15