PEERD Consulting Program

The NORDP Program for External Evaluation of Research Development (PEERD) is designed to provide client organizations the opportunity for an external evaluation of their research development operations and/or program by a team of qualified NORDP members from peer institutions. This evaluation can provide research institutions with valuable benchmarking tools, best practices, and guidance to enhance research development program activities at their institutions.

The PEERD team will conduct a confidential onsite review of program activities and interview key stakeholders to determine program strengths, limitations, and opportunities. A confidential detailed report will be provided at the conclusion of the review that is designed to assist research leaders and research development professionals with identifying institutional and stakeholder needs, improving services, and setting strategic directions.

A long-term goal for the PEERD is to help our growing organization develop a set of best practices and standards that will stimulate further development and professionalization of this emerging field.

For inquiries and general program questions, please email [email protected].

Kay Tindle, Ph.D.
PEERD Lead Coordinator
Managing Director of Research Development and Research & Academic Communications
Texas Tech University

Jeri Hansen
PEERD Co-coordinator
Director of Research Development
Utah State University