PEERD Consulting Program

Alan Paul

Alan Paul

Alan Paul is formally trained as an economic geographer and industry analyst, with a particular interest in higher education as an industrial system. He’s managed his own consulting firm for 30 years, punctuated by service in several senior staff positions on two University of California campuses and Pitzer College. In these roles, he’s been responsible for fiscal oversight, program evaluation, operations, and enterprise planning and management.

Past Experience

Alan's experience in research development spans the government, foundation, and corporate environments. He was responsible for the selection, design, funding, and management of large institutional projects, as Director of Strategic Initiatives in UC Riverside’s College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and Deputy Director for Special Projects in UCLA's Brain Research Institute. These 8 years in formal research development are matched by 8 years in professional development and organizational change, as Program Director in the UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Office of Executive Education and then as a focus of his consulting practice. This RD experience is complemented by a stint in a development/advancement office, as Senior Grants Officer for Corporate and Foundation Relations at Pitzer College. 

NORDP Involvement

Alan has been a NORDP member for five years. He’s served the organization as a peer mentor and presented a pre-conference workshop.


Alan earned an MS in Agricultural Economics from UW Madison, where he also worked as a Community Development Specialist in the Wisconsin Cooperative Extension System. He is a doctoral candidate at UCLA, working diligently to finish before his grandchildren matriculate there.