Dear NORDP Colleagues,

Thank you for registering for Conversation Roadblocks at the Pacific Regional Meeting.

The Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CIE) is leading the charge to bring opportunities for dialogue to NORDP members that will move us beyond simply checking off boxes on a diversity plan or proclaiming that we are realizing our diversity mission goals, and move us to real change.

To encouraging an open conversation, we have a bit of homework for you to do prior to the meeting. Having inclusive uncomfortable conversations is the first ACTION needed to affect long-lasting change.

Here is what to expect during this 1.5 hour Zoom session. Note that NO RECORDING WILL ALLOWED so that we all feel safe to have honest, open conversations. 

  • Before the meeting:  please review the short, Conversations Roadblocks document  attached
  • Meeting start: Welcome and Purpose: Starting the journey to justice and action, brief review of ground rules
  • Move to Breakout Rooms Discussion for ~45 minutes in small groups (Discuss key points that represent your thoughts about the Roadblocks document and offer your follow-on ACTIONS) 
  • Share with Larger Group for ~15 minutes groups share high points of their discussions

 We look forward to the conversation.

 Best regards,

Vanity, Barbara and Gretchen